Women’s Treatments


Until recently the focus on treating problematic sexual behaviors focused on men.

The Colorado Sexual Recovery Center understands that problematic sexual behaviors are not based on gender, socioeconomics, race or sexual orientation. Problems with sex, relationships, and sexuality affect us all.

The Double Standard

Men in general have used their ability to be sexual with woman as a badge of honor. Women on the other hand face shame, ridicule, exclusion, judgment, and self-hatred for similar behaviors. The truth is that all people can find themselves using their sexuality for purposes other than real connection and intimacy.

Women are Biologically Programmed to Need Emotional Connection

If you are here you are suffering from the inability to find deeply connecting relationships. Perhaps you have used sex as a way to enhance your self-worth or stay connected in a relationship. Perhaps you give up yourself in order to not be alone. You find men that are unable to connect or commit. You are unseen, unheard, or feel all alone even if you are in a relationship. In general, women may be compulsive about relationships while men are compulsive about physical sex.

Your Healing Starts Here

The CSRC treats the core of your problematic behaviors. Our counselors will provide you with safe, confidential, and effective treatment to help you end your pain and get un-stuck. We are certified to treat sex and relationship problems in women. You have the option to seek help either individually or in a small confidential group with other women who are experiencing the same pain.

Individual Support

You will work individually with a licensed counselor that is also certified to treat sex and relationship issues. Your counselor will find the where and why this all began and heal it once and for all. You are assured a compassionate, non –judgmental and safe place to heal all of your wounds.

Group Support

Our groups are highly confidential and provide you with a safe and secure place to express your deepest emotions. You will find instant support and shame reduction with other women who are experiencing similar problems. You are no longer alone, afraid of judgment and exclusion.

Intensive Out Patient Treatment

We believe that all the behaviors we do have a purpose and are an unsuccessful attempt to meet needs. Our intensive treatment model is designed to find the cause of your problematic behaviors. We find the core causes that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of unhappy relationships and provide the treatment and skills you need to finally achieve a successful, intimate life.

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