Revealed by Denver Sex Addiction Counselor, Dr. Michael Barta

Denver Sex Addiction Counselor: Dr. Michael Barta Discusses the First 5-Steps in Sex Addiction Therapy

When a person’s hidden sexual behaviors are discovered, they are often filled with shame, humiliation, and regret. Yet, when these same people come to my office for treatment, they are often reluctant to view themselves as addicted to sex. No one wants to admit they have a problem with their sexuality because it is so deep and personal – yet sex addiction is real and it can be treated

Dr. Michael Barta, Denver sex addiction therapist, provides the first 5-steps to arrest and treat this devastating problem:

1. The patient must stop all of the unhealthy sexual behaviors at once – whether it is compulsive masturbation, viewing pornography, visiting strip clubs, having an affair, going to massage parlors, or hiring escorts – the behaviors must cease. No one can progress towards recovery until the unwanted, inappropriate behaviors are stopped completely.

2. The patient must seek help from a person that is certified to treat sexual addiction, such as a Denver sex addiction counselor. Often, in an effort to be helpful, counselors will say they treat sex addiction. But without the training and certification to understand and treat the special problems associated with sex addiction, a counselor will not be able to successfully guide an addict through the recovery process. Dr. Michael Barta is a clinically trained, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT). In addition to treating patients, he provides training to other clinicians seeking to learn more about this problem.

3. The therapist must work with the patient to discover the core problem that makes him or her engage in unhealthy sexual behaviors. A thorough assessment must be completed to uncover the root causes of the addictive behavior. In most cases, early developmental trauma has occurred in the addicts’ formative years. This trauma, left untreated, leaves the sufferer primed for addictive behaviors, especially sex addiction.

4. The therapist must treat the core problem effectively. Treating the issues that caused a person to engage in damaging sexual behavior is the cornerstone to Dr. Barta’s Denver sex addiction therapy. If a person’s core problems are treated, he or she is much less likely to feel the need to engage in behaviors that cause harm. Once treated, the recovering addict can then return to life with a renewed sense of intimacy, and personal connections can be established and honored.

5. The patient must continue recovery by engaging in group counseling in order to learn authenticity, accountability, honesty, and openness. The group process allows for a safe place to try new-found behaviors and reduce the shame of past actions.

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