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CSRC Remote Support Groups for Sex and Pornography Addicts and Partners

zoom-video-conferencing-large-meeting-upgrade-zoom-lm-100-y-b-h-365044CSRC is proud to offer specialized help for sex and pornography addicts and partners who reside in areas where it is difficult to find specialized therapists.

Many therapists will do their best to offer support for sex and porn addiction and/or helping partners who have discovered their husbands’/wives’ infidelity or addictive behavior, but unless the therapist you are seeing has specialized training to treat these issues, more damage than help can and often does occur.

Our new state of the art conferencing platform is confidential, HIPPA Compliant, and provides an in-person feel to each person within the group. This allows you to take advantage of our specialty training from the convenience of your own home. All you need is a phone or internet access to join the group. All members attending can see one another and the therapist for a face-to-face experience, while also gaining support, psychoeducation, and accountability.

The addiction support groups act as a regular process support group, allowing you to work on the underlying issues of sex and porn addiction while also providing you with skills that can help you regain trust and restore intimacy.

The partner support group allows you to interact with others who share similar problems, giving you support, validation, understanding and education about the traumatic situation that has destroyed your reality.

CSRC was founded in 2008 and all we do is work with sex addiction and porn addiction as well as help partners restore balance, trust and intimacy after the discovery of these devastating behaviors.

Our staff has been trained by the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) and hold certifications as Certified Sex Addiction Therapists. Dr. Barta is certified at the supervisory level and is a nationally recognized leading expert in the field of sex and porn addictions.

Our partner specialist, Dr. Honor Ashbaugh, is a medical doctor and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist candidate, and is trained in the multidimensional partner trauma model as developed by the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists.

Our Porn/Sex Addicts Group Provides:
Shame reduction
Exploration of causes
Complete sobriety planning
Partner empathy and understanding
Methods to reduce partner distress
Help in regaining trust
Help to rebuild connection and intimacy

Our Partners of Porn/Sex Addicts Group Provides:
Boundary Development
Restoration in trust of intuition
Safety Plans

For more information about joining a remote group, call 303-775-7529.

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