Pornography Addiction Treatment

Are Your Relationships Suffering Because of Your Pornography Addiction?

Is pornography use damaging your ability to have a functional, intimate relationship? Do you feel a painful inability to bond to another person? Does your pornography addiction leave you feeling ashamed and, at times, hopeless? You may have suffered a loss or noticed an expanding distance between yourself and your friends. Or you may have removed yourself from your social engagements entirely, turning to pornography as a source of mood regulation and need gratification. Perhaps you’ve tried justifying and rationalizing the use of pornography and its impact on your relationships, thinking that all men do it.

You may know you have a problem and have attempted to stop, possibly many times, without success. Perhaps you are able to quit for short periods of time, but eventually resume and end up right back where you started. You may worry about being discovered and what your loved ones would do if they found out. Or maybe your pornography addiction has recently been revealed and you wonder how you can regain your wife or partner’s trust. You may feel shame and confusion, responding with anger when she becomes horrified or upset upon learning about your long-kept secret. Do you wish you could stop watching pornography and have your wife or partner forgive and understand you?

Pornography Addiction is the Most Common Form of Unhealthy Sexual Behavior

Pornography use is an increasing problem that has reached epidemic proportions. Two out of three 18 to 34 year old males look at porn at least once a week. Two out of three companies have disciplined employees for viewing porn at work. More than half of divorces are related to pornography use. According to numerous studies, the use of pornography leads to broken trust between couples and a belief that marriage is sexually confining and promiscuity is the natural state. And, with the advent of high-speed internet and smartphones, pornography is available at the click of a button. Researcher Al Cooper dubbed internet pornography the “crack cocaine” of sexual addiction. It overwhelms our innate reward systems with high doses of naturally occurring brain chemicals, creating a dependency on the visual stimulation.

You may have started watching pornography because you were trying to escape the pain of a dysfunctional system. Alternatively, the dysfunction may have been created or enlarged because of your addiction. Excessive pornography use changes the way the brain works. Increases in brain chemicals are produced, and when that supply isn’t kept high you may begin to suffer from withdrawal. You may notice increased irritability, anxiety, moodiness, anger and sometimes depression and paranoia.

The good news, however, is it that with a professional, experienced pornography addiction therapist you can stop the cycle of pornography use and other unhealthy sexual behaviors and strengthen your relationships.

Pornography Addiction Therapy Has Helped Many Individuals Learn to Understand and Manage Unhealthy Sexual Behavior

At Colorado Sexual Recovery Center, we have treated hundreds of men for pornography addiction with a 95 percent success rate. We focus on the core of the problem, not the symptoms, to help you create meaningful and sustainable change. You can learn exactly why you are struggling with your current addiction, how to stop it and how to live free of it.

In sessions, your therapist will take a firm and compassionate approach. We see that all behavior, even unhealthy behavior, is serving a purpose. Your unhealthy sexual behavior is not bad, but rather an ill-fated attempt to meet deeper needs. By focusing on finding and healing the root of the problem, you can begin to choose healthy alternative behaviors to meet your needs and replace the use of pornography.

The first step for any successful addiction treatment is to stop the unhealthy behavior. We offer supportive group work to make the process easier and more effective. You will find instant support and feel reduced shame as you realize others share your affliction. Once the behavior is contained, we’ll focus on finding the root problem that led to your pornography addiction and treat it at its core. Through this process, you can feel your unhealthy need diminish to a manageable state.

Pornography addiction and other unhealthy sexual behavior may leave you with an inability to be authentic, feeling like you have to put on a false front to be normal. There is an underlying inability to trust your partner fully with your entire life: thoughts, feelings and behaviors. To help you understand and address the reason behind your struggles, we approach your challenges from an attachment perspective. This means we find and heal the cause of the addiction, not the symptoms. With the right guidance and support, you can identify the reason why you use pornography, how and why you interact with your partner the way you do and begin on a path to possible reconciliation.

The therapists at Colorado Sexual Recovery Center are trained, experienced professionals certified to treat sexual addiction. With help, guidance and support, you can stop using porn and participating in other unhealthy sexual behavior and begin on the path to understanding and forgiveness with yourself and/or your partner.

But you may still have questions about pornography addiction counseling…

My pornography use isn’t really a problem…

If you or a loved one are experiencing any type of emotional pain because of the use of pornography, then there is a problem. To begin making meaningful, lasting changes we will work to understand the root cause behind that problem, not just the symptoms.

There is no “cause” behind my pornography addiction.

The obsessive use of pornography provides an escape and a temporary freedom from difficult emotions. At Colorado Sexual Recovery Center, we work to find and treat the specific cause of the problem and remove the need for continued use.

If my partner would just accept my use of pornography I would be happier.

Addiction is often used to temporarily escape from emotional difficulties or stressful situations. Because of this, overcoming an addiction can feel like a move away from happiness as you are forced to deal head on with those challenges you previously avoided or delayed. The truth is, when you learn how to live without your addiction you – and your partner – can experience more fulfilling, long-term happiness.

You Can Stop Watching Pornography

If you are ready to take control of your life, but still have questions or concerns about treating your pornography addiction, call (303) 775-7529 to schedule a free 10-minute consultation.

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