Pornography Addiction Therapy

Understanding Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is the most common form of unhealthy sexual behavior. Regular pornography use changes the way the brain works by increasing the production of certain chemicals associated with pleasure and reward. When a pornography addict stops using, the pleasure and reward chemical levels in the brain drop, causing withdrawal symptoms like increased irritability, moodiness, anger, anxiety and sometimes depression and paranoia. Pornography also often leads to broken trust in relationships, and can contribute to the belief that promiscuity is natural and marriage or relationships are confining.

The use of pornography is a growing problem in our society. Countless companies have disciplined or dismissed employees caught viewing pornography at work. More than half of all divorces are linked to pornography use. Two out of every three males between the ages of 18 and 34 watch pornography at least once per week. And with the availability of internet porn, any individual with a laptop, tablet or smartphone can get their “fix” almost anytime and anywhere.

The good news is, pornography addiction therapy can help you learn to manage and move past your addiction. With support, you can stop the cycle and begin healing your relationships.

Colorado Sexual Recovery Center Pornography Addiction Therapy Can Help

You may have turned to pornography to escape a difficult situation or dysfunctional relationship. Alternately, your addiction may have initiated or aggravated issues in your life. At Colorado Sexual Recovery Center, we focus on addressing the root of the problem, not the symptoms, to help you create long-term changes. It is possible to understand why you are struggling with pornography addiction as well as how to stop and live free of it.

Pornography addiction can impact all facets of your life, from your personal relationships to your position at work. When you lead a hidden life or conceal secrets, it can damage the authenticity, accountability and intimacy between you and your partner. Or, you may have been discovered viewing pornography at work, and you are facing discipline or possible termination.

The first step to successfully treating your pornography addiction is to stop the unhealthy behavior. In many cases, group sessions make this process easier. The instant support offered by others facing the same challenges can help you feel less ashamed and less alone in your struggles. Once your pornography use is contained, we shift our focus to finding the root cause of your addiction. With the right guidance and support and a commitment to your recovery, you can learn to live a life free of pornography.

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Pornography Addiction

Are your relationships suffering because of your pornography addiction? You may know you have a problem, but you can’t seem to make lasting changes to your behavior. Hiding your secret from your wife or partner can create distance in your relationship. The good news is that with help you can stop the cycle of pornography and begin to better understand yourself and your partner.

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Pornography Addiction Recovery

Have you relapsed into your pornography addiction, or are you worried you may soon? Overcoming an addiction may be one of the hardest things you ever do. While you work to understand and manage the emotions that lead to your using pornography, your relationships may need healing of their own. Pornography often leads to broken trust in a relationship, and it may take time to reestablish that trust. However, with support and a recommitment to your recovery, it is possible to stop using pornography and reintroduce intimacy, accountability and honesty into your relationship with your wife or partner.

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