Pornography Addiction Recovery

Is Your Relationship or Career In Trouble Because of Your Pornography Addiction?

Are you struggling with pornography addiction recovery? Have you relapsed or are you worried you may soon? Is your wife or partner hurt or angry after discovering your pornography use? Have you gone without pornography for long stretches of time, only to fall back into use? You may feel ashamed or even hopeless as you continue to suffer with your addiction. Or perhaps you have always struggled with being intimate, but your pornography addiction has further complicated your intimate, sexual life with your partner. Are you continuing to ineffectively address issues of accountability and authenticity with your partner? Do you sometimes wonder if you are treating the symptoms, rather than the cause, of your pornography addiction? Do you wish you could stop using pornography and take control of your life?

Many Individuals in Pornography Addiction Recovery Suffer Relapses

Kicking an addiction of any kind can be one of the hardest things you ever have to do. And, behavioral addictions, like addiction to pornography, are particularly challenging. To begin, pornography is readily available on the internet, and all you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone. Unlike the alcoholic who has to go into a bar or liquor store, you always have access. Countless individuals suffer through relapses or thoughts of pornography while they work toward recovery. This can create distance in your relationship and lead to discipline or termination at work. More than two-thirds of companies have had issues with employees using pornography at work, and more than half of divorces are tied to pornography use.

It is important to remember that you are not alone in your challenges. You have come too far to give up now. With the help of an experienced pornography addiction recovery therapist, you can be successful in your recovery and begin reestablishing trust with your partner.

Many Individuals and Couples Benefit from Pornography Addiction Therapy

When it comes to overcoming a behavioral addiction like the use of pornography, the more structure and accountability you add to your life, the better your chances at lasting recovery. At Colorado Sexual Recovery Center, we are focused on helping you prevent relapse, learn the skills needed to stay clean and recommit to the recovery process. Before you can realize long-term recovery, we must first help you learn how to stop using and avoid temptation in the short term. If you already have skills from earlier attempts to quit, we will incorporate those as well as add other effective techniques into our work together.

In our sessions, we will take a firm, but compassionate approach. All behavior serves a purpose, and your pornography addiction or other unhealthy sexual behavior is not bad in and of itself. By identifying and addressing the root cause behind your struggles, you can begin choosing healthier behaviors that meet your needs while replacing the use of pornography.

When you come in for help with pornography addiction recovery, our goal is to find out what went wrong and how you got off track. Something is keeping your addiction alive, and it is important we understand what that is. What has been happening emotionally that was too much to handle, pushing you to return to old behavior? Until you know the cause behind your addiction, you will continue to struggle with using pornography. Completing work through structured group meetings and/or individual sessions can help you find the cause of your compulsive sexual behaviors, allowing you to address the problem at its root.

Pornography use directly impacts the way the brain functions. One of the most common challenges resulting from pornography addiction is the loss or decline of intimacy in the relationship. Many pornography users keep their behavior private, leading a hidden life and harboring secrets in their relationships. This can quickly damage the accountability and authenticity in your relationship, both of which are key components of intimacy. Your goal is to get the intimacy back and to be authentic with your wife or partner. To this end, we offer intensive counseling for both individuals and couples to help you recover from unhealthy sexual behaviors and reestablish the intimate bond with your wife or partner.

At Colorado Sexual Recovery Center, all of our therapists are experienced professionals, trained and certified to treat sexual addiction. With help and a commitment to recovery, you can stop using pornography and reintroduce honesty and intimacy to your relationship.

But you may still have questions about therapy for pornography addiction recovery…

I don’t have the time or money for therapy.

While therapy may represent a significant cost, consider what your addiction is costing you right now. The time you are spending away from work and family can have a very serious impact on your productivity and the future of your relationships. Losing your job or going through a divorce because of your pornography addiction can be dramatically more expensive than pornography addiction recovery therapy.

If my wife finds out about this, she’ll leave me.

You may not have disclosed your pornography addiction to others. It is natural to worry about the response of friends and loved ones, and you don’t need to tell them about your struggles right now. But, you do need to get your addiction under control. When you are ready, you can share with those you choose that you have been working on this.

I’ve been to therapy before and it didn’t work. What makes you different?

This is a valid question. However, it is important to consider that you are not the same person you were when you last went through therapy. And, every therapist brings a unique personality and approach. Finding the right support system can make all the difference in your pornography addiction recovery. We focus on finding the cause of your struggles, and then design a structured program to help you achieve lasting recovery.

You Don’t Have To Navigate Pornography Addiction Recovery On Your Own

If you are ready to recommit to pornography addiction recovery or if you still have questions, call (303) 775-7529 to schedule a free 10-minute consultation.

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