Intensive Treatments

What is Intensive Treatment?

CSRC has designed and refined its use of Intensive treatment methods since our inception in 2008. We have successfully treated hundreds of men, women, and couples helping them stop, uncover, and heal from the devastation of destructive sexual behaviors.

We are also the only Intensive Treatment program that offers on-site accommodations.

Intensive treatment is designed to jumpstart the process of recovery from both the addictive behaviors and the betrayal caused by the behaviors. What would take many months of individual and couple’s work can be accomplished within days working together as a couple.

Our experience and skill has allowed us to create Intensive Treatments that are cost effective, meet the couple’s individual needs and issues, and provide immediate relief and safety.

Each of our Intensive options are designed to provide an immediate stop to the destructive sexual behavior, provide a safe environment for the partner to ground and begin healing from the trauma of betrayal, uncover the root causes of the addiction, and build a detailed recovery plan that will keep the destructive behaviors from returning.

Intensive Options

Crisis Intensives –Immediate Relief for Couples in Crisis after Discovery
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Couple’s Intensives- Exploration of the root cause of sexual addiction and healing of the traumatized partner and relationship.
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* All Intensive Programs can be done individually or as a couple.

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