Crisis Intensives

You have just discovered your partner’s secret life and are devastated. You do not know whom to tell or what to do. Your mind is racing: “Am I safe, is there more, how long has this been happening?” You need immediate answers and understanding. Our 12-Hour Intensive program was designed just for this time. We provide a safe, nurturing environment to come to terms with your discovery. We unpack the secret behaviors and provide you with a strong safety plan, effective communication, emotional regulation skills, and a detailed recovery program to help you begin to rebuild your life.

Our crisis Intensives are designed to provide immediate relief and assure a sense of safety as you unravel the devastation within your relationship and family. Drs. Barta and Ashbaugh provide 12-hours of individual treatment with each couple. Couples from out of the region can choose to do the 12-hours over a 2 or 3-day period, while we encourage local couples to choose the 3-day option due to the intensity of the program.

In the Crisis Intensive you will:

• Employ the most advanced trauma treatments available to uncover and begin to heal the trauma of betrayal

• Stop and contain ALL unhealthy sexual behaviors

• Set therapeutic boundaries

• Form a specific safety plan

• Produce an emergency recovery plan

• Learn exactly why this happened

• Learn constructive communication

• Find and work with triggers

• And be given a specific plan for relapse prevention

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