Couple’s Intensives

Our Couple’s Intensives are designed to stop ALL unhealthy sexual behaviors and to uncover the cause of and explain how and why it happened. We focus on how the addiction formed and progressed in your personal and relational lives. We also deeply explore and begin to heal the damage the addiction has created both personally and in ALL of your relationships. Our Intensives use the latest neurological, psychological and psychobiological treatment methods to uncover attachment wounds and trauma that occurred that predisposed the addiction.

We provide the couples intensives over a 3 or 4-day period. You choose between 12 and 16-hours of individualized couple’s treatment with Drs. Barta and Ashbaugh. We are also the only couple’s treatment center to provide on-site accommodations should you choose.

The Couple’s Intensive will include:

• Focusing on the damage and impact the addictive behavior has had on the betrayed partner

• Gaining a sense of safety and emotional regulation is paramount for the remaining of treatment

• Understanding how the addict became vulnerable or predisposed to addictive behavior

• Demonstrate how sex was the chosen form of addiction

• Uncover the core of the addiction

• Reveal the partner’s trauma and how the relationship was affected by the addiction

• Expose specific triggers – relational, addictive and traumatic and provide you methods to use each time the triggers occur

• We help the addict become accountable and empathetic to the harm he/she has caused the partner, your families and your lives

• Leave with a specific and detailed plan for continued recovery

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