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Welcome to the Colorado Sexual Recovery Center. We are proud to be Colorado’s premiere center for the treatment of sexual and pornography addiction. We at the Colorado Sexual Recovery Center personally understand where you are and we want to help. Your work with us is completely confidential, non-judgmental, and highly effective. As nationally acknowledged leaders, we work directly with medical doctors, psychologists, and trauma specialists who look at the science behind addiction. We are one of the very few treatment facilities in the country that focus on treating the cause of your addictive behaviors rather than the symptoms, and our treatment holds a 98% success rate. By getting to the origins of your problem, we can insure a more successful recovery. Whether you are the one engaged in these behaviors or whether you know someone who is, we offer immediate help.


If you are reading this, you are probably experiencing the most trying time of your life. Wracked with shame, fear and confusion, you need a place you can have confidence in to guide you though this time to heal, regain credibility and restore trust. Believe me, we have been right where you are now and know the way out. We have helped hundreds of men, women, and couples overcome their addiction and the trauma of infidelity. We are just a phone call away and will take time to personally hear your needs and set you up with a treatment program that works.

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3107 28th St, Ste. B; Boulder, CO 80301 | 6795 East Tennessee Ave, Ste. 353; Denver, CO 80224