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Boulder Sex Addiction Counseling with Dr. Michael Barta Helps Patients Understand the Underlying Causes of Sex Addiction

People become addicted to sex as a way to cope with the damage caused by an incomplete attachment to parents or primary caregivers in their formative years. Young children need to form strong, healthy bonds early in life. When that early attachment is incomplete, however, the brain experiences trauma.

It is through this “attachment trauma” that people begin to look outward to soothe and calm the uncomfortable feelings they experience on a daily basis. Sex addicts suffer primarily from early developmental needs going unmet. This means that the sex addict often comes from a family that was distant, controlling, secretive, invasive, or simply unavailable.

When our primary attachment needs are not met, we never fully develop. We stay stuck in an earlier attachment phase and cannot connect with other people in any kind of deep and significant way. Sex addicts only partially connect with significant others because this early developmental trauma leaves the addict incomplete, deeply sad, angry, frustrated, and feeling worthless.

With the inability to deeply connect with people, the sex addict often turns to pornography, massage parlors, affairs, or connections on the Internet to feel a sense of belonging and connection – and to kill the pain associated with attachment trauma.

Boulder sex addiction therapy can help. In the vast majority of people that Dr. Michael Barta treats, early attachment wounds are found to be the primary cause of sex addiction and unhealthy sexual behaviors. Dr. Barta’s Boulder sex addiction counseling is designed to work specifically on the root causes of sex addiction so that the addict no longer needs to look outward to have emotional needs met.

When early wounds are discovered and addressed, the sex addict can begin to rewrite his or her history – and when the attachment trauma is treated, the sex addict can begin to form healthy relationships with others and fully experience life.

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