The executive staff at the Colorado Sexual Recovery Center consists of a Supervisory Level Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Certified Clinical Partner Specialist, and a team of dedicated therapists that focus on stopping damaging sexual behaviors and reducing the trauma of infidelity and betrayal. Dr. Barta has over 31 years of working experience with addictions, and is active in his own recovery.

DrBartaMichael Barta, Ph.D., Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist – Supervisor, EMDR II

Founding Director, Colorado Sexual Recovery Center

Michael Barta is a Ph.D. level Licensed Professional Counselor  and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist -Supervisor that was clinically trained by Dr. Patrick Carnes and has over 31 years of addiction recovery experience. Dr. Barta is a nationally acknowledged speaker in the field of sex addiction and frequently provides lectures and trainings for therapists regarding the treatment of sexual compulsivity. He has extensive training in the treatment of trauma and works directly with nationally recognized trauma specialists to understand and develop treatment for sexual addiction as the result of attachment disorders. In addition to his private practice at CSRC, he is on the Clinical Board of the Life Healing Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dr. Barta He has published numerous articles and book chapters regarding psychological issues and sexual addiction.


Morgan-Auger MA

Primary Therapist

Morgan Auger

Morgan comes to us via Naropa University with primary training in contemplative Psychotherapy.
He did his clinical training at the Howard Center in Vermont. Morgan is active in his own recovery and has over 7 years of addiction recovery experience.  He has training in the treatment of trauma and family counseling. In addition to his clinical duties at CSRC and Begin Again Institute, he is currently working towards certifications in Internal Family Systems, Brainspotting, EMDR, and Gestalt Therapy.


Executive Director

Emily Satterlee

Emily has joined our staff after a successful career writing for many high profile blogs and magazines. She is also an expert in communications and social media. Emily has spent the last year helping Dr. Barta write his book (due out in April) regarding Trauma and Sexual Addiction. She is a graduate of Orange Coast College in Orange County, California. Before joining our staff Emily has extensively studied the works of many leaders in the fields of sex and pornography addictions as well as trauma specialists. She is honored to be able to serve as our Executive Director.



What Sets Us Apart?

Our specialized training and knowledge concerning sexual addiction and trauma is what sets us apart from other addiction therapists. Michael Barta and his Partner Associates work as a team to give you the best possible treatment, one that is individualized specifically for you. We personally understand where you are at this crossroad in your life and have found the way out. With treatment being covered by more than one clinician, you receive more time and attention for you and your partner. In addition to treating the addict, we understand that the best results occur when both people in a relationship are treated.

Our work at the Colorado Sexual Recovery Center is completely confidential, non-judgmental, and effective. We help you stop the behaviors, understand how you got here, and help you remain free of sexual addiction.

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